Asociacion Eco Vida. Helping the less fortunate in society for the past 5 years

How We Raise Funds

Eco-vida raises money through various charitable activities. One of these methods is through used clothing recycling bins which it places in strategic areas with the help of private property owners and local town councils.

The bigger we make our recycling bin network will, in turn, mean we can generate more funds which will guarantee that we can continue to keep doing the good work we do in our community.

Also the bigger we make the network means the more unemployed people we can take off the dole system and give them a secure and reliable job helping out with clothes collections and with the expansion of the recycling bin network.

Another method Eco-vida uses to raise funds is by organising events. These can be small events in local bars or restaurants or bigger events organised with the help of celebrity personalities which in turn manage to give a higher public profile to the event and thus enabling us to raise more money.

We are also trying to raise money with our easy to use donation website It is the official donation website for Eco-vida where supporters of our charity can be informed about the type of work we do, what groups of people and animals we help, and also allows you to make a small online monthly donation.