Asociacion Eco Vida. Helping the less fortunate in society for the past 5 years

Eco-Vida - Helping to feed the needy

COSTA NEWS 2016-12-05

By Irena Bodnarec
Last Thursday – December 1, Martin Kyme, President of the non profit Asociación Eco-Vida, handed over a €500 cheque to Antonio Moya Martinez. Antonio runs the Comedor Social (soup/food kitchen) in the San Gabriel area of Alicante city. The soup kitchen is a charitable association that feeds 100 homeless people every day of the week and has been running for nearly 10 years.

Antonio explained to Martin that they receive no financial help from the government or the Town Hall, depending entirely on the donations, fund raising events and the good will of local supermarkets and companies such as Mercadona and Carrefour to supply them with food.

Eco-Vida heard about the food kitchen from one of their full time employees. Prior to working for Eco-Vida he sadly had to feed his family there for some months due to their rapidly deteriorating personal financial problems.

More so than ever, when the weather is starting to get cold, the 100 homeless people that eat there are extremely grateful to Antonio and his volunteers for a nourishing hot meal. As one homeless man put it " with a full stomach the cold lonely night on the park bench or in the doorway of a bank is so much more bearable than trying to sleep when you are hungry".

Martin has vowed that the Eco-Vida Association will continue to support Antonio and his cause, providing what many take for granted.

Eco-Vida raise funds from their small network of used clothing bins that they have placed strategically up and down the coast. If you would like to help Eco-Vida raise funds for their good causes, helping people like Antonio to continue the amazing work, then all you have to do is locate one of the Eco-Vida clothing bins and deposit your unwanted clothing and footwear items inside - they can also arrange a home collection if necessary.