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Recycling at its Best

Costa Levante News 2017-11-03

RECYCLING - whether paper, glass, furniture or clothing - is imperative in today's world if we want to leave this planet for future generations. It is import-ant for the environment as so much goes into landfill sites, which is unsustainable. One local non-profit association here, Eco-Vida has just signed a two-year contract with Busot town council for the installation of nine blue recycling bins to be placed at strategic points throughout the town and its urbanisations. It is a huge step for Eco-Vida, which has been working tirelessly for the last seven years, setting up a used clothing recycling bin network across the Costa Blanca. The objective is to raise funds from the used and unwanted clothing and footwear which in turn is used to create employment for those in precarious situations and to make regular donations to other registered charities that help with their cause. In a statement, Martin Kyme, President of Eco-Vida, said that he hopes that this collaboration with Busot will be the start of many more. There is an obvious benefit for the councils, where items would otherwise end up in the rubbish bins and need to be disposed of at a cost to both the council and taxpayers. All items collected from the blue Eco-Vida bins go to Alcoy, which is the secondhand recyling capital of Europe! From there, they are shipped to third-world countries, where people do not have the resources to buy new clothing. For more information about the work which Eco-Vida do go to