Asociacion Eco Vida. Helping the less fortunate in society for the past 5 years

A saviour among us

Costa Levante News 2017-01-27

By Irena Bodnarec
As the temperatures plummeted across the province last week, Martin Kyme, President of Eco-Vida and his volunteers reached out to the forgotten of our society – the homeless

he non-profit association was formed five years ago and took to the streets of Benidorm and Alicante to distribute dry blankets, hot drinks and food to those that live permanently on the streets.

Martin Kyme, President of the Eco-Vida Association spoke to CBN about the dire situation, "there are centres set up in the cities to help the homeless but due to strict regulations and rules many people prefer to take their chances sleeping rough, outdoors on the streets. These are the people most at risk from the severe weather conditions that we are experiencing at the moment".

What surprised Martin more than anything is the sheer amount of people now living on the streets compared to last year This is probably due to the fact that the economic recession saw many families lose their jobs and in turn unable to cover the mortgage payments or rent and subsequently losing their homes. During the two full days that Eco-Vida spent in Benidorm and Alicante city they managed to distribute 100 filled rolls, hot drinks and around two hundred kilos of warm, clean blankets. They also donated a further 100 kilos of blankets to the homeless refuge that is located in Alicante city, which was gratefully accepted by Alba, the refuge co-ordinator.

Eco-Vida was set up with the sole objective to help the needy of our society and thanks to their small network of used clothing recycling bins, which are placed up and down the CostaB lanca and the goodwill of the general public they manage to raise funds and also create employment for people in situations of risk and danger.

If you would like to help Eco-Vida with their good causes then all you have to do is locate one of their distinctive blue used clothing recycling bins and deposit whatever you don't need into the bin. They can utilise all types of clothing, footwear, blankets, bedsheets. For more information go to the website www.